bMoneywize e-game notes (game money)


We provide easy and quick, seamless access to the bMoneywize game components so you can get started without the fuss!

Download your own version of the UK and  International  educational award nominee and shortlisted bMoneywize game and resources.


Browse through our easy read game manual and game card scenarios for enjoyable learning and fun with your family,  children,  employees and more…

The money game presents a fun, engaging and interactive way to introduce new ideas and change money habits, enhance exam results in the mentioned subjects also equip children with leadership and decision making skills. Game features real life scenarios that encourage calculations, discussions and reasoning. It a good opportunity “for family sitting together to learn”

An excellent addition to Financial literacy and Maths in the school curriculum – particularly PHSE. See it links to the 2014 the UK National Education Strategy for Key Stages 3 and 4: curriculum here



bMoneywize game

bMoneywize game




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